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UIP Property Management, Inc. is committed to providing outstanding customer service. Please take a few minutes to rate your experience. Your response will help us as we continuously work to improve our resident services.

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“The newly refinished building is a place that we are proud to call home. The building is new and modern but maintains its historical feel with the original hardwood floors and huge windows…You and the rest of the management team have been extremely easy to work with and quick to meet all of our needs. Your website has also been helpful by allowing us to not only pay our rent online, which is a huge plus for us, but submit maintenance requests which are then met quickly and completely.”
Elizabeth & Molly, Residents

“Both kitchen and bathroom look great! We can’t wait to be done unpacking and enjoy our newly renovated home–it was like a wedding present to ourselves and we couldn’t be happier.”
Chloe, Resident

“As your 1841 work comes to a close, let me just give you all an encouraging pat on the back. Thanks. I know it wasn’t easy. But it’s hard to see how it could have been much better. You were moving mountains, after all.”
Michael, Resident

“I can say without reservation that the negotiation and planning process was productive, open book, and satisfying.  As you know, and have dealt with in the past, arriving at a development solution that involves many different people with many different wants and needs can be confusing and difficult to manage.  With that acknowledged, I want to compliment you and your staff on the purposeful, well thought out, and highly efficient manner in which you worked with me and the rest of the tenants at our property.  You, Steve, Heath, and Jen have been very professional, and your flexibility in accommodating individual needs has been greatly appreciated.  The final plans that I have reviewed are well designed and I very much look forward to watching them take shape.”
Paul, Resident

“I appreciated your assistance and the information you provided in order that I could follow up on various pending items in #208: additional towel bars, kitchen cabinet door, and apartment paint colors. All items have been located and obtained…The electrical and plumbing upgrades completed as part of the renovation have greatly improved my quality of life as a tenant in the building. I have seen that I sleep better because I do not anticipate plumbing problems or blown fuses.”
Gwen, Resident

“Hey guys, just wanted to let you know how happy we were with Collins and the UIP team last night. Collins is the maintenance representative for the New Quinn and we had to call him at 2AM due to a flood coming from our ceiling, which we think came from an overflow in the overflow dish. Collins came promptly and was very helpful, with no indication of displeasure from being awoken at 2am on a Saturday. He has also helped us in the past when we needed to activate our fob’s as they were inoperable the first week we were here. We’ve already thanked him, but also wanted to pass it to UIP management.”

“I’ve been working with Carla McKenzie over the last several months to resolve ongoing issues regarding the transition over to Rent CafĂ©. My husband and I had difficulty setting up our rent cafĂ© account, adding bank accounts, and then later encountered issues with the system not saving our bank account information, carrying over bank information prior to the rent cafĂ© transition, and not allowing us to delete bank accounts associated with our apartment/account. Carla has worked tirelessly with us and rent cafĂ© to try to address these issues, and our inquiries, and she demonstrated genuine understanding, patience, and kindness towards us, despite the frustration of the situation. Carla is a real asset to the company. I can honestly say that she is one of the most knowledgeable, competent, and pleasant people that I’ve worked with at UIP. I hope that she remains with the company for years to come.”

“Dear TaSheba,

It seems like an eternity has passed since we last spoke about my brother’s apartment. I’ve been incredibly busy with eldercare and preparations for the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving.

I didn’t want to let another day pass, however, without thanking you for having worked with the property manger to get the repairs done in my brother’s, bedroom. Abdul was happy to have the work finally completed, and you did so with dispatch. It was a relief for me, and for Abdul’s caseworkers at The Green Door, to put this matter behind us.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.”