I have rodents/pests inside my apartment. What do I do?

We have contracted pest control services for your building and they visit monthly, at minimum, more often if necessary. If you have a pest problem, please email service@uippm.com or call 202-244-3811 ext. 112 and speak with Esther(eguevara@uippm.com). Esther can place you on the next scheduled visit or arrange a separate visit to inspect and treat your apartment. This covers most ant, roach or mice issues.

For Bed Bugs – if you think you may have bed bugs, please let Esther know. Esther will arrange for an inspection and treatment. There are two types of treatments for bed bugs, chemical and heat. The chemical treatments take two to three visits. The heat treatments take only one visit but require certain items to be removed from the apartment (plants, pets, artwork).

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