How can I get in touch with my property manager for certain matters?

You can email your property manager if you like but most issues can be handled with our Resident Service Coordinators, via email or our service line. We have several service coordinators, each specializing in a specific area: maintenance, accounting and general questions. They will do the research and ask the appropriate individual(s), including your Property Manager, and respond to you as quickly as possible.

Resident Service Coordinators – For accounting and general questions, please email
For maintenance and service requests, please email

Resident Service Coordinators
Carla McKenzie
Tanetia Young
Indira Obando
TaSheba Judie

Property Managers
Lissette Castellon (
Buena Vista (3308-3312 Sherman Ave. NW)
Holmead Place (3434 Holmead Pl. NW)
Meridian Hill (2359-2401 Ontario Rd. NW)
Kenyon House (1349 Kenyon St. NW)
Park Road Courts (1346 Park Rd. NW)

Stephanie Barbabosa (
California Court Condominium (2153 California St. NW)
Takoma Flats (7730 Eastern Ave. NW)
Orlovon Condominium (2363 Champlain St. NW)
New Quin (811 Quincy St. NW, 3800 New Hampshire Ave. NW)
WY18 Condominium (1801-1811 Wyoming Ave. NW)
Juniper House (531 T St. NW)
3728 New Hampshire Ave. NW
1841 Columbia Rd. NW

Tom Cole (
Marbury Plaza (2300 Good Hope Rd. SE)

Bridgette King (
Courtyard Park Apartments (4201-4212 Oglethorpe St. Hyattsville, MD)
Royal Oak Apartments (4107-4109 Oglethorpe St. Hyattsville, MD)
734 Longfellow St. NW

Katrina Crews (
Hillside Heights (5237 Marlboro Pike)

Charles Keys III (
The Policy (1921 Kalorama Rd.)
The Macklin (2911 Newark St. NW)
The Shelby (1706 T Street NW)
The Sedgewick (1722 19th Street NW)
The Shelburne (1631 S Street NW)
The Biltmore Mews (2428 19th Street NW)
The Biltmore (1940 Biltmore Street NW)
Spring Valley Apartments (4000-4016 47th Street NW)

Kendra Britt (
716 Madison St. NW
720 Madison St. NW
723 Jefferson St. NW
737 Longfellow St. NW
806 Longfellow St. NW
810 Longfellow St. NW
5912 14th Street NW
1600/1606 Independence Ave. SE
128 16th Street SE

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