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1841 Columbia Road
wins a PACE Award

Local Events

  • 2002/2017

    Washington’s Birthday at Mount Vernon
    February 18th-20th

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  • 2402/2017

    ALB Rock The Stacks
    February 24th

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  • 2502/2017

    February 25th

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  • 2602/2017

    The Urban Scene:1920-1950 – National Art Gallery
    February 26th-August 6th

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  • 0503/2017

    Atlas Intersections Festival
    February 24th-March 5th

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  • movingInTogether

    Moving In With a Significant Other

    Tuesday 02/07/2017

    Moving In With a Significant Other

    There comes a point in most relationships when it’s time to consider taking the next step with your partner. We’re not talking about marriage; we mean moving in together. With the rising cost of living and changing views on marriage and the family dynamic, cohabitation is quickly becoming the new normal for many couples. Think you’re ready to call the moving trucks? Take a look at a few things before you start packing boxes.

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  • improv

    15 Things To Do This Holiday Weekend

    Monday 02/13/2017

    15 Things To Do This Holiday Weekend

    Five of the area’s top comics will take to the DC Improv’s lounge showroom for a night of stand-up this Friday night. Tok Moffat will host, while Andy Kline, Kandace Saunders, Josh Kuderna and Matt Brown will have a chance to showcase their skills as well. The entire set will last roughly 90 minutes, so buckle up for an evening of laughs from local laugh-makers.

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  • valentine2017

    A Procrastinator’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

    Friday 02/10/2017

    There’s still time.

    The bad news: If you don’t have a reservation at Rasika for Valentine’s Day, it’s likely too late. The good news: You can still have an awesome meal at one of our 100 Very Best Restaurants.

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  • dateSpots

    The Best Date Spot In 25 DC Neighborhoods

    Thursday 02/02/2017

    The Best Date Spot In 25 DC Neighborhoods

    Whether you’re new to the city or looking for a new place in an unfamiliar neighborhood, there’s something for everybody on the DC dating scene. Swanky cocktails in intimate lounges, a game of darts over a few beers, a literary reading and coffee, even adopting a cat together — they’re all here, and then some, in our picks for the best date spots in almost every neighborhood in the city.

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