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1841 Columbia Road
wins a PACE Award

Local Events

  • 2001/2017

    National Harbor Restaurant Week
    January 14th-20th

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  • 2101/2017

    Women’s March on Washington
    January 21st

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  • 2301/2017

    Washington Capitals vs. Carolina Hurricanes
    January 23rd

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  • 0502/2017

    Washington Auto Show
    January 27th-February 5th

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  • aptDownsize

    7 Quick Ways to Downsize Your Apartment

    Wednesday 02/24/2016

    7 Quick Ways to Downsize Your Apartment

    Whether you’re moving to a smaller place or just trying to declutter your current pad, downsizing your possessions can be a daunting task. It’s all too easy to let our collections of knickknacks and old clothes build up until the closet is overflowing. And if you’re looking to find a new place, all that stuff can feel like a weight around your neck. Luckily, there are several easy ways to downsize your home quickly — and without too much heartache.

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  • natspark

    The 9 Coolest Developments Coming to Washington in 2017

    Monday 01/09/2017

    A Wrigleyville Vibe for Nats Park

    It’s impossible to replicate the charming brownstones, with roof-top bleachers of fans, that surround the Cubs’ home turf. These two apartment buildings opening near Nats Park are pretty cool nonetheless. Residents will move into 325-unit F1rst by April. Ignore the annoying spelling: Come baseball sea-son, they’ll enjoy rooftop stadium seating that overlooks the field. Another building with views into the park—1221 Van, with 291 apartments—will finish by year’s end.

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  • newseum

    12 Things To Do This Holiday Weekend In Washington, DC

    Monday 01/02/2017

    Our end-of-the-week picks for Martin Luther King, Jr. Weekend, Jan. 13-16

    Newseum and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame have partnered to create this unique display that will showcase the power of rock and how it can influence politics and equality. Artists like Bob Dylan, U2 and Rage Against the Machine will be highlighted, indicating how artists can effect change through exercising their First Amendment rights. Complete with stunning artifacts and photographs, this Newseum exhibit promises to be one of the year’s most discussed.

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  • winterblues

    How to Keep the Winter Blues at Bay

    Wednesday 12/28/2016

    How to Keep the Winter Blues at Bay

    Whether it is because of the weather, the lack of sunlight, or the stress of the holidays, many people struggle with depressed moods in the winter months. These tips can help keep a positive outlook, even when the winter is getting to you.

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