Frequently Asked Questions

UIPPM is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to our residents. Have a question? Check our frequently asked questions below. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please email us and we will respond to your questions promptly.

Current residents can email with any maintenance issues and requests.
Capitol Park Tower residents, please email
The Argonne residents, please email
Harvard Village residents, please email
Park East residents, please email
For questions or concerns about accounting or general inquiries, please email

Have a question about leasing? Email to get in touch with one of our Leasing Consultants today!

Maintenance FAQ

  • Q :What do I do if I need a repair or maintenance?
  • Email
    Log in to Resident Services at
    Call (202) 244-3811 Ext. 1
    Stop by our main office: 140 Q Street NE, Washington, DC 20002
  • Q :What do I do if I have a question about something other than a repair?
  • Accounting Questions:
    Leasing Questions:
    Or call our main office at 202-244-3811

Resident FAQ

  • Q:How do I reserve parking spaces for my moving truck?
  • You can obtain “No Parking” signs online or you can call DDOT 202-442-4670
    You may be required to show proof of residency, lease, etc.
  • Q :How do I pay my rent online?
  • Visit our website and click on Resident Login
    Log in and follow the prompts for setting up your ACH payment
  • Q :Where can I pay my rent?
  • In-Person: Visit our main office at 140 Q Street NE, Washington, DC 20002. We are located a block south of the Cleveland Park Metro on the west side of the street. Our office hours are 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday through Friday.
    Online: Pay rent online via Resident Login
    Safeway: If you prefer to pay by money order, you can visit any Safeway
  • Q :How do I set up my number in the call box at my building? What if I don’t have a local phone number?
  • You should be asked for and you will need to provide your telephone number to the Leasing Consultant or the Property Manager when you move in. If you have any problems, call (202) 244-3811 or email
  • Q :Can I have more than one phone number and name associated with my apartment?
  • In most cases the entry systems in your building will allow for more than one name and number per apartment. A person must be on the lease or registered as an occupant of the apartment in order to be listed.
  • Q :Who is my property manager?
  • Your Property Manager is listed on our website here. If you cannot find your PM, please call us at (202) 244-3811 or email
  • Q :When do I contact my property manager?
  • Property Managers should generally only be involved with lease signing, move-in and move-out. If you experience a problem, have a service request or have any questions, please email and one of our Service Coordinators will respond quickly. You should never need to contact your Property Manager unless there is a problem that remains unresolved.
  • Q :When do I call the main office?
  • You can call the main office for just about anything. We are open 8:30am-5:30pm, Monday through Friday.

Move Out FAQ

  • Q :Where can I find the Notice to Vacate?
  • The Notice to Vacate form is under FAQ, “How do I give a notice to vacate?”
    You can also email info@uippm and we will email you the PDF of the form.
  • Q :Where do I turn in my keys?
  • You will be able to hand your keys to the Property Manager upon final walk through or you can return the keys to the office at 3406 Connecticut Avenue NW, after you are done moving out.
  • Q :Will there be a walk through inspection?
  • Yes, you will need to contact one of our Service Coordinators to schedule a walk through and move out with your Property Manager.
  • Q :What is the process for receiving my security deposit refund?
  • After your walk through, move out and returning your keys, the Property Manager will process paperwork to issue your deposit back. Any unpaid, unresolved charges and any charges for damage to the apartment will be deducted from the security deposit.
  • Q :What is the process for scheduling the elevator when I move, and on what days and times am I permitted to move?
  • When you sign your lease, you will fill out a form that includes this information and the Property Manager will schedule the elevator pads to be installed to protect the elevator.
  • Q :What is the procedure for giving my notice to vacate?
  • Fill out the Notice to Vacate form and send it in to our office
    Fax: (202) 244-3813
    Main Office: 140 Q Street NE, Washington, DC 20002
    Make sure you receive a response so that you know that we know. You will need to schedule a walk through with your Property Manager. When you email or, our Service Coordinators will help coordinate the information to pass on to the Property Manager. Your Property Manager will contact you to schedule the final walkthrough. After that, you will return the keys and a move out form will be processed. You will need to leave a forwarding address for your security deposit to be mailed. Any outstanding or unresolved charges and any damage to the apartment (beyond normal wear and tear) will be deducted as well.
  • Q :How much notice do I need to give you, and through what period will I be charged rent?
  • As noted in your lease, you must give a minimum of 60 days’ notice or you will be responsible for an additional month’s rent. Most leases start on the first day of the month and end on the last day of the month. Your termination will be consistent with those leasing terms. We do not issue partial month refunds.
  • Q :Can exceptions be made if I need to move out sooner? How is my pro-rated rent calculated when I move out?
  • Exceptions are very limited. Military personnel and diplomats often have specific clauses in their lease allowing partial month rent payments. However, most leases start at the beginning of the month and end at the end of the month. Rental payments are due for the entire month’s rent as we do not issue partial month refunds.
  • Q :What do I do if I need to terminate my lease early and what are the fees?
  • If you terminate your lease before the end of the lease, you could be held responsible for the balance of the lease, even if it is six months or more. On the other hand, if you do terminate early, you are only responsible for the lease, until we lease the apartment. However, there is no way to know how long that will be.
  • Q :Can I have my name removed from the lease if I move out and my roommate decides to stay?
  • If your roommate is on the lease, this is fine and we will remove your name from the lease. If your roommate is not on the lease, they will have to move out and or sign a new lease. Roommates and other occupants that are not on the lease cannot stay and continue to lease under a previous tenant’s name. If two roommates are on the lease and one moves out and another (new) roommate comes to live at the apartment, that new resident is not a tenant and will not sign a lease with the existing tenant/roommate. Only spouses and domestic partners can be added to a lease.

Misc. FAQ

  • Q :What are your office hours?
  • Our office is open 8:30 am – 5:30 pm. There is often someone here before 8 am and after 6 pm.
    We also have a mail slot in the front door.
  • Q :Where are you guys located?
  • Our office address is 140 Q Street NE, Washington, DC 20002
  • Q : Does UIP offer discounts on their condominiums?
  • UIPPM residents can take the leap from renter to owner with Move UiP: Renter Rewards. UIPPM residents can apply 100% of their rent toward the purchase of a new UIP condominium, up to 5% off the sales price!* Learn more here.
  • Q : Does UIP offer resident referral rewards?
  • UIPPM offers resident referral rewards (up to $500 per resident) at most of its properties. Ask your Property Manager for more details or visit
  • Q :What is considered an “emergency” service request?
  • Water over-flowing from your toilet or other active leaks that cannot be stopped and will cause significant damage in the short term, air conditioning issues on an excessively hot day or evening (above 80 degrees), and/or any repair item that endangers residents or others.
  • Q :How can I get a in touch with my property manager for certain matters?
  • Most issues can be handled with our Service Coordinators. We have several service professionals each specializing in a specific area: repairs/maintenance, accounting and general questions. If they cannot help you, they will do the research and or ask the appropriate individual, including the Property Manager, and respond to you within the same business day.

Important Phone Numbers

For emergencies, call 911 immediately.

Poison Control : 1-800-222-1222

DC Government Services : Call 311

DC Police Department : (202) 727-9099

DC Fire Department and EMS : (202) 673-3320

Washington Gas : 703-750-1000

DC Water : 202-787-2000

Water and Sewer Emergencies : 202-612-3400

Pepco : 202-833-7500

Report Power Outages or Downed Power Lines: 1-877-PEPCO-62

General Electric : 203-373-2211

RCN : 1-800-RING-RCN

Comcast : 1-800-COMCAST

Verizon : 1-800-922-0204

WMATA (DC Metro) : 202-637-7000

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